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Interactive visualizations of automatic debugging reports (presented at SIACG’2011)

Abstract   Automated debugging techniques, based on statistical analysis of historical test executions data, have recently received considerable attention due to their diagnostic capabilities. However, current automatic debugging tools suffer from a common shortcoming that may affect their adoption and correct use: the lack of effective visualizations of their output. This paper explores the use […]

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GraphJudge: a system for submission, validation and assisted assessment of Computer Graphics’ assignments

  Abstract   We describe the core of a system for submission, automated validation and assisted evaluation of Computer Graphics' assignments. This type of assessments has a series of specific challenges associated to it, namely the analysis of graphical output and the variations between implementation in different development platforms and operating systems. When considering a […]

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Multi-Touch as a Natural User Interface for Elders: A Survey

Abstract The use of traditional input devices such as keyboards and mice can become a huge obstacle for older adults in interacting with computer systems. Using Natural User Interfaces (NUI’s), more specifically using gestures or movements on a multi-touch device, can be a good alternative to overcome these dificulties. This paper analyses the state of […]

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