Welcome to the Graphics, Interaction and Gaming Group at DEI/FEUP

GIG gathers a group of several senior and post-doc researchers, as well as PhD, MSc and other junior researchers in the areas of computer graphics, human-computer interaction (HCI) and game design and development.

Their research in computer graphics includes 3D modelling and realistic rendering, real-time rendering and animation (2D and 3D), procedural modelling of 2D and 3D environments (often associated with GIS applications), multisensorial virtual and augmented reality, and GPU programming.

In the field of HCI, there is a particular focus on user interaction and user experience, including interface and interaction design, multimodal interfaces, natural user interfaces, physical computing and usability.

Many of these come together in game design and development, where the lab hosts a particular focus on serious games, location-based games and gamification.