FEUP welcomes “LITHME – Language In The Human Machine Era” 1-2 June

The announced LITHME Roadshow arrives this week at FEUP, 1 – 2 of June, and the program is already online.

This roadshow will focus on language technologies and Human-Machine interaction, which allow us to speak with and through technology, the software that powers the Human-Machine era, and the embedded human devices. It includes, but is not limited to: innovative Human-Machine interfaces; machine translation and interpretation; automatic sign language interpretation; text-to-speech, speech-to-text and speech-to-speech technologies; and virtual reality and augmented reality, among others.

The stands of Altice Labs, Alana AI, Cortical.io, BCN – Sistemas de Escritório e Imagem, SA/Class VR, Flowchase, Naturalvox, S.A.U., Pangeanic Language Technologies and Translation Services and ReadSpeaker can be visited. In addition to the showcases, it will be possible to attend lectures promoted by these companies, with free access.

On the afternoon of day 1, in room B015, will take place the lectures of Alana Ai (14:00), the project Augmented Video 360 (15:30) and Cortical.io (17:00).

On the afternoon of day 2, in room B026, it will be time for Altice Labs (14:00), Flowchase (15:30) and Natural Vox (17:00) present their latest products and services.

Simultaneously, the Faculty of Arts will host the LITHME Training School (30 May – 3 June), which aims to broaden the knowledge of LITHME activities, bring together trainees from across the field of linguistics, language research and language technology, provide intensive training on new and emerging interdisciplinary challenges and familiarize them with unique technologies developed by the event sponsors.

Henrique Lopes Cardoso (DEI/FEUP) and Rui Sousa-Silva (FLUP), responsible for the Working Group on ‘Computational Linguistics’ of this Cost Action, believe it is an opportunity not to be missed by enthusiasts and those curious about new language technologies and their themes.

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