“How do Java mutation tools differ?” featured in December’s Communications of the ACM

December’s edition of the main ACM magazine, “Communications of the ACM”, highlights the article “How do Java mutation tools differ?”, published by a team of researchers from Portugal, Italy and USA namely Domenico Amalfitano, Ana C. R. Paiva, Alexis Inquel, Luís Pinto, Anna Rita Fasolino and René Just.

This article characterizes empirical studies that analyze and compare Java mutation tools based on a rapid review of the research literature. It proposes a framework for comparing mutation tools, considering five dimensions: Tool version; deployment; mutation process; user-centric features; and mutation operators. Additionally, it applies the  framework on eight Java mutation testing tools to highlight their similarities and differences.

The full article and the abstract in video format can be seen here; Ana Paiva, Associate Professor at DEI and co-author of the article, classifies it as having been a very “challenging, intense and interesting work”.

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