Prize Prof. Dr. Raul Vidal/Deloitte awarded in its 1st edition

As part of the “Comemoração Novos Mestres 2022”, which took place on 26 November in the Faculty of Engineering Auditorium, the Prof. Raul Vidal/Deloitte Prize was awarded in its first edition.

The Jury awarded the prize to Cláudia Raquel Botelho Sobral Mamede, a recent graduate of the Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering, who received a cash prize of €3000.

This award is intended to distinguish annually a recent graduate of one of the following FEUP courses: Master in Informatics and Computer Engineering (M.EIC) and Master in Software Engineering (MESW), who has distinguished themselves in curricular activities, by the quality and innovation of the work carried out within the scope of Software Engineering, and by activities of support to students and of a social and solidarity nature.

The Award was proposed by Deloitte, with the support of FEUP, through DEI, in order to honor the Professor Emeritus of the U.Porto as recognition of all his work in the service of FEUP in the area of computer science, which has resulted in the projection of FEUP nationally and internationally and the preparation of high quality of their students for the labor market, making the FEUP is unquestionably one of the leading schools with a teaching of excellence in technology.

“It is with pride that Deloitte supports the academic environment with the attribution of this Merit Award, by the hands of our partner Nuno Carvalho. This recognition reflects the projection of the faculty at national and international level and the quality of students for the labour market” can be read in a recent post on the company’s social media.

“Perpetuating this recognition by awarding a prize to a student of the Department of Computer Engineering (DEI), will be a way to continue to transmit values so dignifying and differentiating that so well characterize the values advocated by the DEI and to which Prof. Doutor Raul Vidal has actively contributed so much” says the regulation of this award that can be read in full here:


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