Henrique Silva is one of the winners of FLAD’s R&D@USA scholarships

FLAD – Luso-American Development Foundation, within the scope of its R&D@USA scholarship programme, 2022 edition, has selected 14 candidates to go to the United States for research internships at different American institutions. Among the selected candidates is Henrique Diogo Cardoso da Silva, a student in the Doctoral Programme in Digital Media who, under the guidance of Prof. António Lucas Soares (DEI) and Prof. Donna Rhodes (MIT), is developing the thesis entitled “Towards a Digital-Twin Based, Multi-sided Market of Data-enabled Product-Services Systems“.

His application serves his ongoing Ph.D. where he is developing the concept of the digital twin as the core architectural element for a platform for managing the entire product/service lifecycle that happens intra-organizationally and the data and information necessary to generate an inter-organizational market.

“Adopting a sociotechnical perspective of both digital twin and digital platform development and implementation, this scholarship will allow me to further cooperate with MIT’s Sociotechnical Systems Research Center researchers to (1) serve as the point of contact between US companies that have integrated digital twin technologies into their product’s life cycle to serve as case studies; and (2) as experts in sociotechnical systems, collaborate on the analysis of the case studies data. The results of which are planned as one of my core PhD publications, elaborating on the broader consequences of case outcomes for future digital twin platform development and their implications for our vision”, tells us Henrique excited with the trip to Boston scheduled for next January.

These grants, financed by FLAD, are designed for research internships in the USA for master’s students, doctoral students, and junior researchers (with a PhD for no longer than 3 years) from Portuguese institutions, to contribute to the strengthening of the Portuguese academic and scientific community with institutions in the USA.

These internships, with a duration of 4 months or over, focus on innovative scientific or technological issues, while also contributing to a greater alignment between Portuguese and American institutions in hope of reinforcing the knowledge network shared by the two countries and thus facilitating the creation of institutional partnerships.

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